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Outside - Outside he runs into Razumihkin and he tells him...

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Unformatted text preview: Outside, he runs into Razumihkin and he tells him of his annoyance at being followed. "I don't want your kindness. . .I may be ungrateful, perhaps I am mean and base, only leave me alone, all of you, for God's sake leave me alone!! Leave me alone!" Razumihkin is so shocked at this outburst that he allows Raskolnikov to go his own way and immediately realizes that the outburst is part of Raskolnikov's illness. After Raskolnikov has escaped, he goes to a bridge where he is a witness to a woman's attempt to drown herself. He realizes that he was going to attempt the same thing and then becomes disgusted with himself for even thinking about it. He then returns to the scene of the crime. He is amazed to find the entire apartment being repainted. It no longer looks the same as when he was last in it. He then goes to the doorbell and begins to ring it, listening and remembering the "hideous and...
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