Part One ends with the murder of Alyona

Part One ends with the murder of Alyona - Part One ends...

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Unformatted text preview: Part One ends with the murder of Alyona. But in the dual murder scene, note that Alyona is murdered with the blunt side of the axe and as though one stroke were not enough to kill her, he then bludgeons the body with further strokes. In contrast, the murder of Lizaveta is quickly finished by a swift stroke of the sharp side of the axe. In this dual murder, he has killed one person who is mean, wicked, and cold (Alyona) and the murder was premeditated so as to prove a theory to himself. In the second murder, Lizaveta, who is warm, friendly, humane, gentle, and compassionate is instantaneously killed and her murder was not premeditated. Thus in a figurative manner, the two murders represent the two aspects of Raskolnikov's character. The importance here is that later Raskolnikov seldom thinks of the murder of Lizaveta but is troubled about the murder of Alyona...
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