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Rousseau Jean - Rousseau Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his...

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Unformatted text preview: Rousseau Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his famous Confessions (1781-88) "Myself, myself alone; I might not be better, but at least I am different." It is ironic that at the time Raskolnikov is thinking how his theories have set him apart from other men, he would be translating Rousseau. a Rubinstein A Russian concert pianist (Anton Rubinstein, 1829-94) whose name lends itself to anyone who plays the piano exceptionally well. Sadovaya Street A street somewhat off the main Hay Market square and parallel to the canal. It was through here that Raskolnikov made his way to the pawnbroker. samovar A metal urn with a spigot and an internal tube for heating water in making tea: used esp. in Russia. "the Schiller in you" Schiller is a German romantic poet. His name is attached to things noble, good, and worthwhile. A "Schiller-like" person would never stoop to Svidrigailov's vulgarity.good, and worthwhile....
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