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hst102 Journal6

hst102 Journal6 - times and if troublesome times occurred...

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Journal #6 As we are about to dive into the topic of Ancient Rome, many things come to mind. I first think of a great empire that lasted many years and saw its fair share of great leaders. Roman society set standards for many societies of today’s world and many of their basic concepts of government, justice and economics are still in effect throughout the world today. A great army also comes to mind when I think of ancient Rome. Rome had many well-trained soldiers who were ready for battle at all times. I think their strength of army was one of the main reasons Rome was able to flourish for as long as it did. Another thing that comes to mind when thinking of ancient Rome is paganism. The Romans believed in many gods and saw these gods as the reasons for good times and the reasons for bad times. Romans worshipped their different gods in hopes of prosperous
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Unformatted text preview: times and if troublesome times occurred, the people of Rome figured that the gods were displeased in some way with the way society or the rulers of Rome were acting. Paganism was challenged by the early apostles of Christianity and many Romans had to rethink their customs that they had known their entire lives. Romans were some of the earliest converts of Christianity. The apostle Paul sought out to bring the message and salvation of Christ to all nations and it started with Rome. The rest of the world saw the great nation of Rome switching from their pagan gods to the worship of the one, true God, so it made it easier for them to accept this new faith. I thank Rome for greatly helping the spread of Christianity and I am excited to learn more about this great empire....
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