At the end of Chapter 22

At the end of Chapter 22 - At the end of Chapter 22, there...

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Unformatted text preview: At the end of Chapter 22, there is the first recognition by Kumalo of Jarvis. In the courtroom, Kumalo recognizes Jarvis as the man from his own district, and he trembles in the presence of the man whose son was killed by Absalom. Chapter 23 is about gold fever; it shows people driven nearly mad by gold, luxuriating in gold, in a frenzy over the state of their stocks, and weeping because they made only a small fortune and then sold their shares, instead of holding them and making a larger fortune. They weep for this but not for the families destroyed, lives destroyed, and land destroyed. The voices of those who want something not for themselves, but for others, are voices crying in the wilderness of this greed. Among the strongest voices crying for sanity and compassion are the voices of the churches. Father Beresford here is rather like the real Father Trevor Huddleston and the former Anglican bishop of...
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