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Besides the books - Besides the books there are significant...

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Unformatted text preview: Besides the books, there are significant pictures in the room that reveal more about Arthur Jarvis. The portraits of Jesus and Lincoln, both men of action and of compassion, reveal Arthur's concern for humanity. Both men thought deeply before acting, both showed great compassion not only for their friends and followers but for their enemies, and both suffered and died for their beliefs. The depth of Arthur Jarvis' mind is seen in the page of an unfinished letter that his father reads. It is well-reasoned, it shows a knowledge of the nation's history, and it shows a concern for helping the oppressed rather than attacking the oppressors. Arthur was more concerned with appealing to the best in the oppressors instead of appealing to the worst in the oppressed. All of these ideas are new to James Jarvis; it is small wonder that he finds himself overwhelmed and has to read the page a...
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