In his interview with Father Vincent

In his interview with Father Vincent - In his interview...

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Unformatted text preview: In his interview with Father Vincent, Kumalo is once again the recipient of help from an unselfish man. From Father Vincent, he is promised aid and advice in obtaining a lawyer and in arranging for the marriage of Absalom to the young pregnant girl. Furthermore, Father Vincent reminds Kumalo that fear has now been replaced by sorrow, which is an important step for a human being to make. The girl's story is that of a child from the Johannesburg slums. The amount of crime produced by the slums is shown by the fact that all three of her lovers have gone to prison, yet she does not seem to be the criminal type, only a girl nobody ever cared about. Consequently she could find someone to be kind to her only through giving herself sexually. This chapter is a crucial one as far as Stephen's development is concerned. With the girl, he performs his cruelest act. He has seen so much degradation and corruption that he feels that he performs his cruelest act....
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