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Unformatted text preview: John Kumalo's speech reveals him as a prophet, but a corrupt prophet, one who would never sacrifice his life, nor even sacrifice a week's or a day's income, for a cause. His voice is like a great bull or a lion roaring in an empty chasm. Dubula and Tomlinson are envious of the power of the voice, but they realize that Kumalo has no brains and no courage. Earlier John had ridiculed the people who stayed with the tribe and lived under the control of the chief who did nothing for the people. But now, with his voice, John is trying to emulate the role of the chief. As the police know, John will go only so far with his voice; he will retract rather than be arrested. Thus, he betrays the people who need him because he is unwilling to sacrifice himself in any way and desires only the power and notoriety caused by his speeches. Msimangu feels that it is perhaps good that John is power and notoriety caused by his speeches....
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