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Unformatted text preview: Note the organization of the chapter: after the series of short scenes, there is a lyrical passage about "Cry [for] the beloved country." After this passage, the narrative again resumes, but the narrative is also presented in short staccato scenes, as Stephen returns to various points looking for Absalom but finds that the police have already been there before him. Chapter 13 represents a significant change in Kumalo. He has gradually been sinking deeper and deeper into despair, but at the end of his visit to Ezenzeleni, he tells Msimangu that he is recovered. He has seen an example of the whites helping the blacks, and even the blind have found a purpose in life. This situation gives Kumalo a vision of how the whites and the blacks can work together, which, in turn, gives him hope for the future. Kumalo's optimism will ultimately be fulfilled when Jarvis which, in turn, gives him hope for the future....
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