purge to cleanse or rid of impurities

purge to cleanse or rid of impurities - tonnage weight in...

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purge  to cleanse or rid of impurities, foreign matter, or undesireable elements. quail  to draw back in fear; lose heart or courage; cower. rile  to anger; irritate. scaffold  a raised platform on which criminals are executed, as by hanging. sharp  clearly defined; distinct; clear. Here, the word means decisive. silly season  phrase used to describe unexplainable, but natural behavior for a child. slovenly  careless in appearance, habits, work, and so on; untidy; slipshod. soft  gentle; low; not loud or harsh: said of sound. softness  the quality of being easily impressed, influenced, or imposed upon; here, lax or negligent. sportin'  jesting; joking. strongbox  a heavily made box or safe for storing valuables. tainted  morally corrupt. theocracy  a government by a person or persons claiming to rule with divine authority.
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Unformatted text preview: tonnage weight in tons. trafficked had traffic, trade, or dealings with. truck the practice of bartering; [Informal] dealings (have no further truck with them). Here, also a verb, meaning to be in league with someone. For example Tituba denies trucking, or being in league with, the Devil. weighty of great significance or moment; serious. wheels within wheels . . . fires within fires phrase used to imply conspiracies. wintry of or like winter; cold, bleak; Here, it means without feeling. your justice would freeze beer said here to a person who forgives another for an injustice, but still harbors resentment for the deed and makes the other person feel guilty....
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