Reverend Hale arrives at Parris

Reverend Hale arrives at Parris - Reverend Hale arrives at...

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Unformatted text preview: Reverend Hale arrives at Parris' house. Hale tells Rebecca Nurse that people in his town know her good deeds well. The Putnams describe Ruth's condition to Hale and ask him to examine her, but first Hale prepares to look at Betty. Hale tells everyone in the room that he will not examine Betty unless they accept the fact that witchcraft may not be the reason for her ailment: "I shall not proceed unless you are prepared to believe me if I should find no bruise of Hell upon her." Mrs. Putnam states that Tituba can conjure spirits. Mrs. Putnam admits that she sent Ruth to Tituba so that Tituba could conjure Ruth's dead sisters in order to find out who murdered them. Goody Nurse leaves when Hale prepares to examine Betty for signs of the Devil because Hale says the process may cause the child pain. Giles Corey tells Hale that his wife Martha has been secretly the process may cause the child pain....
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