That will help us a great deal

That will help us a great deal - That will help us a great...

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Unformatted text preview: That will help us a great deal. In particular do I lay stress on the relatively swift and final segregation of dangerous offenders. The important question is not "How long should he get?" but "When will it be safe to let him out?" That is not a question for the courts but for some court-prison-scientist authority, and this implies a fundamental change in our attitude toward offenders. But deal how we may with native offenders, I must state the brutal truth that we are breeding more than enough native youths to take their places, without ideals or restraints — potentially bad and dangerous men. They are the products of this disintegrating society. How is this society to be restored? I would be hypocritical if I pretended to examine the idea that new laws, new compulsions, and new penalties (except within certain prescribed limits) might restore the...
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