Then - Then during the Napoleonic Wars the Dutch settlers...

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Unformatted text preview: Then, during the Napoleonic Wars, the Dutch settlers changed masters when Britain took over the Cape settlement to use it as a naval and military station. If the Dutch settlers had been unhappy with the Dutch East India Company rule, they were even more unhappy living under British rule, for a variety of reasons. Their new rulers had a different language, a different religion, and different ideas about the treatment of the native population. The settlers were Dutch Calvinists, members of the Dutch Reformed Church, to whom the Church of England was an enemy. They believed that the natives were creatures to be subjugated or killed, the Biblical "sons of Ham" who were cursed by God to be "drawers of water and hewers of wood" — in other words, servants and slaves. Besides, like the North American frontiersmen, they were resentful of any government restrictions and new...
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