Those who saw what was happening were gravely disturbed

Those who saw what was happening were gravely disturbed -...

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Unformatted text preview: Those who saw what was happening were gravely disturbed. They said that this process of careless, haphazard absorption could not go on; that the moral capital of the tribes was almost expended; that the safety point (which is the danger point) had been reached, and that white civilization would have to take grave measures to prevent the further disintegration of native society disintegration that spelled danger for all. These prophecies were uttered by professors, priests, teachers, social workers and government commissions; but the remedies were too staggering for those who saw the danger, and too heavy reading for those to whom the danger was remote. But the danger is no longer remote; the extent to which the controls and restraints have broken down is plain. The newspapers are painful reading especially to those who are in positions of authority, is plain....
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