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ask not what u can do for ur university

ask not what u can do for ur university - outside of class...

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Mike Sauvageau October 10, 2011 Ask Not What You Can Do For Your University After reading this article, I must admit I feel a bit guilty of often having the mindset of similar students, in reference to, “students may show little motivation for the course other than the motivation to receive a passing grade. This article shows the truth and reality of many students’ mindsets. It makes me not want to be just another student that isn’t here for the education, but for the diploma. While this isn’t true for every single class I take and while I admittedly learned very much last year, most of the knowledge I inherited was indeed from “night-before cramming sessions.” I know I can speak for others and myself and confirm the statement of many students not feeling a part of their college community. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my opinion, it just goes to show how many people are indeed lazy students that want to do the bare minimum at school, while still being able to do their own thing
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Unformatted text preview: outside of class. I completely agree with what is being offered in this essay. This man speaks very bluntly and truly. I definitely believe he supported is argument and this can be confirmed by the many students who will read this and know exactly what he is talking about. Of course, there are many exceptions with everything and of course there are people who truly hold their educational opportunity close to heart and take it extremely seriously. However, on campuses such as ours, there are many things distracting students from their studies. I think this article really relates to many people that will be reading, so the author is able to connect with (some of) his audience. I’m sure there are people out there that would read this and disagree completely with it being an accurate description of their feelings towards their education and college....
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ask not what u can do for ur university - outside of class...

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