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Sauvageau 1 Michael Sauvageau English Writing November 28, 2011 Adolescent Prevalence and Influence of Steroid Use It is undeniable that steroid use has been an issue throughout the United States for many years now. While it has certainly become less taboo in adult usage (athletes included), steroids are slowly, but surely becoming a commonality amongst adolescents. Much research in the past couple decades have provided insight specifically on the prevalence of steroid usage in adolescents ranging between the ages of eleven and nineteen. This should be no surprise as it is understandable that the peer-pressures and unrealistic and distorted mainstream/societal expectations of these adolescents influence their developing minds and self-images. Whether it is for reasons of performance enhancement, aesthetic-enhancement (ultimately, for reasons of low self-esteem), peer- pressure, emulation of role-model athletes, or any other social influences, usage in young people has steadily increased since the mid-1990s (National Drug Intelligence Center 1). The many pressures of life for adolescents, especially in teen athletes, pave a gateway to abuse of performance-enhancing substances. Many of the recent studies based on steroid use amongst adolescents have investigated a few general inquiries: the actual effects on teens, the prevalence of use, and the personal, socio-environmental, and behavioral factors related to the health (both physically and mentally) of substance-abusing teens. Studies have inspected the population of thousands of middle and high school students over the course of several
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2 years to obtain data. These studies have helped in acquiring a fundamental understanding of the prevalence of, and factors resulting in the use of steroid abuse. Pediatrics’ Steroid Use Among Adolescents report a study based on samples of data collected from ~17000 8 th -graders and 14600 12 th -graders in which they report an annual prevalence of 4.4% among older adolescent males and 1.4% amongst females of the same category, as well as an alarming prevalence of 7.6% in boys and 5.7% in girls amongst younger adolescents (vandenBerg 476). Similar statistics were found in other surveys: findings from Project EAT of steroid use among adolescents in the Journal of Adolescent Health surveyed 4746 middle and high school students from St. Paul/Minneapolis public schools and showed a 5.4% usage in males and a 2.9% of females. Interestingly, these findings also saw that the majority of use was in non- Caucasians, and a much higher prevalence rate among Hmong, a subset of the Asian- American race (Irving 243). We see that in almost every study, a consistent rate of use among adolescents was discovered. Not only are commonalities found in usage among males, but also in females. Through the many pressures of adolescence, we can see that a remarkable statistic of female use was found to be as high as 7.9% in 9 th -grade high
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Final Steroid Draft - Sauvageau 1 Michael Sauvageau English...

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