Hammatime edition 2 - Sauvageau 1 Michael Sauvageau Kate...

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Sauvageau 1 Michael Sauvageau Kate Walker Writing 112 September 28, 2011 The Contradiction Within Contradictions are everywhere. Whether we notice them or not is a different story, but through our daily experience we see that they are there. It’s funny how we can have a specific image of another, and through one simple instance, action, or behavior, that entire said image can be shattered. The age-old proverb of not judging a book by its cover, but by its pages is an important lesson to learn. These contradictions, if searched for honestly and wholly, can be found even in ourselves. It is not necessarily a bad thing, because we are who we are, but sometimes we place labels on things before we even give it a chance to show us its true nature. I myself have experienced this truth, but it took me almost my entire lifetime to realize and accept it. Though my contradiction is kind of heady, possibly uncomfortable, and to some, scornful derision, (I would know, I used to scoff at things like this) to me, it’s truer than anything I’ve ever known. Growing up, I was never particularly pushed towards any specific religion, but as a young boy, just as many do, I believed in the “Santa Clause”-esque, grey-bearded man in the sky that controls everything. It was raining out? God must’ve been pissing out something fierce. While it was a very elementary and seemingly ignorant state of mind, all little kids have silly beliefs and concepts for the way their reality works. My nuclear
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Hammatime edition 2 - Sauvageau 1 Michael Sauvageau Kate...

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