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Michael Sauvageau Response 2 A normally-public-schooled freshmen enters Bishop Fenwick and goes against all that others students have known as their “appropriate” appearance when they see long hair and see a “heavy-metal loving, devil-worshipping, Hunter S Thompson-style druggy, and unkempt, girly hairstyled” boy before even meeting the warm-hearted, God-fearing, straight-edge, musician of 10 years and for the longest time I had to think “Jeesh, is my style really that unappealing and ‘judgement-worthy’” but after a couple years of dealing with it I eventually realized a major truth of life: people are easily impressionable,
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Unformatted text preview: especially at a young age, through other’s appearance, word, and actions, and through this realization I learned that I myself have never been the type of person to act that way and I could really see this fact driven home when once I donated 14 inches of locks to Pantene Beautiful lengths, people immediately treated me differently, girls looked at me as a newly cute addition to their potential boy-toys, and a never-before felt respect (albeit seemingly fake and superficial) was given for the same boy with once long beautiful flowing locks of love, but in the end, I was and still am the same, genuine, amazing Mike Sav....
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