While walking home from school one day

While walking home from school one day - While walking home...

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Unformatted text preview: While walking home from school one day, Sinclair is joined by Demian, who engages the reluctant younger boy in conversation. Demian makes a reference to a weathered escutcheon above the doorway of the Sinclair residence. Emil himself is vaguely aware of its existence although he has never really looked at it. Demian identifies the carving as a sparrow hawk, thus establishing the central symbol of the story. Demian also makes reference to a lesson which his class has shared with Sinclair's, the subject of which was the story of Cain and Abel. Demian provides his own interpretation of Cain and his mark. Sensing that the awarding of a special mark for an act of cowardice, a mark that protects Cain and puts the fear of God into others, is somewhat illogical, Demian states that Cain is a different and superior human being. Because Cain is "different," people are in awe of him and are suspicious and superior human being....
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