Encouraged by this realization

Encouraged by this realization - Encouraged by this...

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Unformatted text preview: Encouraged by this realization, Sinclair begins to look for her everywhere. Shortly after this event, in the university town, Sinclair once again, seemingly by accident, meets Demian, who informs Sinclair that the meeting was anticipated and that the initially attracting "mark of Cain" is now much more prominent on Emil's forehead. While talking about their respective pasts, the conversation is suddenly shifted to the state of affairs in Europe. Demian speaks of the inward rottenness of the various European societies and maintains that their collapse is inevitable. Once again Demian functions as a Nietzschean mouthpiece. The "herd instinct" of the fearful masses is condemned, and the shallow meaninglessness of the Europeans' lives is emphasized. Demian senses that Europe will collapse and then be reborn. The year is now 1913, and what he actually senses is the fast-collapse and then be reborn....
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