Just prior to the end of the summer semester

Just prior to the end of the summer semester - Just prior...

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Unformatted text preview: Just prior to the end of the summer semester, after which Sinclair is scheduled to reluctantly return home, he is in his room, thinking about Frau Eva, willing her to come to him with as much psychic force as he can muster. Responding to the sudden sound of a horse in the street below, Sinclair descends to meet Demian, who announces the beginning of the war and his commission as a lieutenant. Demian also informs Sinclair that it was Frau Eva who sent him and that she sensed his call. Sinclair has that evening's meal as Frau Eva's only guest. Just as he is about to leave, she informs him that whenever he needs her, all he need to do is appeal to her in the same manner as he had that day. The following winter finds Sinclair on the front lines. As a participant in the war, he senses that the horrible fighting and death that he observes all around him are merely different types of signs for the...
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