Using the example of the night moth

Using the example of the night moth - Using the example of...

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Unformatted text preview: Using the example of the night moth, Demian refutes the pastor's claim of free will. According to Demian, our will is free, and we can obtain a particular goal only if the goal we have set is right and necessary to our individual needs and development. If the goal meets these criteria, we are capable of its attainment. Demian explains that he was able to accomplish changing his seat even though the pastor's will was in opposition to his by utilization of this principle. Further development of Sinclair's independence is effected by Demian through the biblical account of Golgotha. Demian admires the unrepentant thief as a man of character and strength. The thief had been evil all his life and chose not to repent, but rather to follow his destiny in accord with the way he had lived. Demian believes that this thief might even have been a descendant of Cain and labels the had lived....
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