After Lignière leaves the theater

After Lignière leaves the theater -...

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Unformatted text preview: After Lignire leaves the theater, Christian learns from a pickpocket that Lignire has written a poem that has offended some powerful person. This highly placed man plans to have the poet killed and has hired a hundred armed men to waylay Lignire on his way home. Christian goes off to find Lignire and warn him. Montfleury goes onto the stage and begins his first speech, the prologue of the play, but he is interrupted by the voice of Cyrano telling him to stop. He makes several attempts to continue his speech, but is interrupted by Cyrano each time. It may seem that nothing much happens during the first three scenes. People wander in and out, we are given snatches of conversations, and in Scenes 2 and 3 Christian and Lignire come and go, as does Ragueneau. Actually, these characters are giving us information that we will need later in order does Ragueneau....
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