At last - At last, however, Christian tires of his role as...

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Unformatted text preview: At last, however, Christian tires of his role as Cyrano's mouthpiece. The company is leaving for the siege of Arras, and before he goes, he wants to woo Roxane with his own words. But he has underestimated the strength of her attachment to beautiful language and gets nowhere with her. Cyrano saves the day for him by hiding under the balcony where Roxane stands and whispering words that Christian repeats. Soon, however, Cyrano's enthusiasm makes this unbearable and he speaks aloud — but Roxane does not know that it is he and not Christian who is speaking. A monk brings a letter from De Guiche to Roxane, saying that he is sending the regiment on ahead, but that he is remaining behind for one night in the expectation of meeting Roxane secretly. Roxane pretends that the letter directs the monk to marry her to Christian immediately, which he does while...
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