Christian is introduced in Scene 2 by the poet

Christian is introduced in Scene 2 by the poet - Christian...

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Unformatted text preview: Christian is introduced in Scene 2 by the poet, Lignire. The poet/baker, Ragueneau, enters dressed in his Sunday best, and talks with Lignire. He asks about Cyrano, who has forbidden Montfleury to act, but who has not yet appeared. Ragueneau describes Cyrano's nose as well as his reputation as a swordsman. When Roxane enters the theater, Lignire tells Christian, who has fallen in love with her without knowing her identity, who the lady is. He also tells Christian that De Guiche, who is married to Richelieu's niece and is very powerful, wants Roxane to marry a complaisant courtier, Valvert, so that De Guiche can make her his own mistress. In Lignire's opinion, Christian hasn't a chance with the lady. After Lignire leaves the theater, Christian learns from a pickpocket that Lignire has written a poem that has offended some powerful person. This highly placed man plans to have the poet killed and that has offended some powerful person....
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