Cyrano can also be considered as a virtuoso play

Cyrano can also be considered as a virtuoso play - Cyrano...

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Unformatted text preview: Cyrano can also be considered as a virtuoso play, one written to exploit the talents of a particular actor. (See the section of this study guide entitled, " Cyrano as a Virtuoso Play," for a more complete examination of this question.) Previously, Rostand had written La Samaritaine for Sarah Bernhardt, but that play did not meet with the popular or critical approval that Cyrano was to achieve. The fact that Cyrano has outlived the actor for whom it was supposedly written, and that many actors have played the lead role successfully surely outweighs the fact that the play might not have been written had not Rostand known an actor who was perfect for the role. More than many artistic efforts, Cyrano is a perfect blending of the author's personality, philosophy, and subject, resulting in a work of art that is enjoyable in and of itself, and which has been continually popular since its first...
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