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Journal 6 Historically, wars have had major impacts on society, particularly on the two societies at war with one another. Some wars have caused certain foodstuffs to be rationed by the government. During World War I and II, the U.S. government had a vast amount of advertising to raise morale and support of the war effort. The government encouraged victory gardens to increase food production, and nearly every family in America had one. Bombarded with advertisements everywhere, the American people had no choice but to think about the war nearly all the time. History books make it seem like the status of the war was the only conversation topic people were interested in. The Vietnam War, while much less widely approved of than the World Wars, was still very much on everyone ʼ s minds. Some people were for it and some were against it, but nearly everyone was actively involved.
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Unformatted text preview: The Iraq War is much different than any war before. While many people have been personally affected by the loss of loved ones in the war, the vast majority of Americans have seen very little impact on their personal lives. There are no victory gardens, no rations, not really any hardships other than gas prices, which are high for multiple reasons. The president has made a few speeches about supporting the troops, and there are bumper stickers to that effect everywhere, but for the most part, bumper stickers are as far as the support goes. During the Iraq War, there have been zero battles on American soil. In Gone With The Wind , the battles are very prominent. There are explosions, makeshift hospitals, huge plains full of dead and dying soldiers, etc. All these war-related things are very close to people s homes....
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