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Martha Endell  Em'ly's friend. She is a suffering woman who is forced to go to London to hide her  shame. Martha redeems herself by saving Em'ly from a similar life and finds happiness in her own  life after she arrives in Australia. Mr. Spenlow  A proctor and partner in a law firm in Doctor's Commons. He is a pompous, aristocratic  lawyer who objects to David's plans to marry his daughter. Dora Spenlow  David's first wife. She is an impractical, empty-headed girl who cannot cook or  manage a household. Although she is a poor selection as a wife, David is so taken by her childlike  beauty that he overlooks her faults and marries her. Their marriage is a comedy of mismanagement  until Dora dies, leaving David free to marry the domestically perfect Agnes. Mr. Omer  The Yarmouth undertaker and dealer in funeral clothes. Minnie Omer  Mr. Omer's daughter and Em'ly's working companion.
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Unformatted text preview: Joram Minnie Omer's sweetheart and eventually her husband, and finally, Mr. Omer's business partner. Mr. Quinion A business associate of Mr. Murdstone. Janet Betsey Trotwood's housekeeper. She assists Miss Trotwood in chasing donkey riders off the lawn. Mr. Jorkins Mr. Spenlow's seldom-seen partner. He is reputed to be a strict businessman, but he is really a mild-mannered individual whose name is used to frighten new employees. Julia Mills Dora's girl friend. She is a romantic person who advises David in his courtship with Dora. Mrs. Crupp David's landlady. She is a lazy woman who drinks David's brandy and feuds with Aunt Betsey. Sophy Crewler Traddies' sweetheart. A patient girl from a large family, she marries Traddies and assists him in his work as a lawyer....
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