Mrs - Mrs Miller appears and Daisy introduces Winterborne...

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Unformatted text preview: Mrs. Miller appears and Daisy introduces Winterborne. Soon Daisy mentions that she is going to visit the castle with Mr. Winterborne. When Mrs. Miller says nothing, he assumes "that she deeply disapproved of the projected excursion." He has even taken it as a matter of course that she would accompany them. But Mrs. Miller simply says that the two should go alone. Suddenly, Daisy suggests that they go for a row on the lake. Even Mrs. Miller thinks this would not be good, but Daisy insists. The courier appears and it is obvious that he is shocked when he learns that Miss Miller (or any young lady) would actually go out alone at night with a gentleman. Then just as suddenly, Daisy changes her mind, leaving Winterborne extremely perplexed and puzzled by her actions....
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