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Steerforth begins to insult the schoolmaster

Steerforth begins to insult the schoolmaster - Steerforth...

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Unformatted text preview: Steerforth begins to insult the schoolmaster, calling him a "beggar" and encouraging the other students to join the abuse. Mr. Creakle enters the room and takes Steerforth's side, adding further insult to the poor teacher. Steerforth tells everyone that Mr. Mell's mother is boarded in an alms- house (information which David had innocently told his friend). After further harassment, Mr. Creakle fires the schoolmaster on the spot. One day, Mr. Peggotty and Ham visit David, bringing him an assortment of seafood and information about the health of the Peggotty household. David asks about little Em'ly, whom Mr. Peggotty describes as "getting to be a woman." Steerforth appears, and Mr. Peggotty and Ham invite him to visit them if he should ever come to Yarmouth. The half-year passes, with summer days changing to frosty fall mornings, and David looks forward to...
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