That winter in Rome

That winter in Rome - That winter in Rome Winterborne...

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Unformatted text preview: That winter in Rome, Winterborne speculates to his aunt about the propriety of calling on the Millers. After what happened in Switzerland, Mrs. Costello can't understand why he would want to keep up the acquaintance. Furthermore, Daisy Miller has been compromising herself by "picking up half a dozen . . . regular fortunehunters." Daisy's mother apparently isn't concerned. In general, Mrs. Costello thinks that the Millers are "very dreadful people." Winterborne adds that they are ignorant but also very innocent. "Depend upon it they are not bad." Mrs. Costello still maintains they are hopelessly vulgar and should be avoided. Winterborne is a little amazed that Daisy Miller has picked up so many acquaintances because he had hoped that he had made an impression on her. The next day he calls on an old friend and during his visit the Millers arrive. Daisy immediately reprimands him for not coming to see her. She then his visit the Millers arrive....
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