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The curtain rises and Montfleury enters on stage

The curtain rises and Montfleury enters on stage - The...

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Unformatted text preview: The curtain rises and Montfleury enters on stage. As he begins to speak, Cyrano's voice interrupts and tells him to leave the stage. Cyrano offers to fight anyone who wishes to defend Montfleury, but there are no volunteers. When the manager of the theater asks Cyrano if he is also going to force him to refund the money of the patrons, Cyrano tosses a bag of gold to the stage, and the manager is happy. An affected gentleman who wishes to insult Cyrano says, "Your nose is very large." Cyrano describes to him what a number of different types of people might have said about his nose. Then he says that while they duel, he will compose a ballade and thrust on the last line. He proceeds to do just that. When almost all the spectators have left the theater, Cyrano confesses to Le Bret that he is in love with his cousin, Roxane. Then Roxane's duenna, or female chaperon, comes in and makes an with his cousin, Roxane....
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