The entire last section recounts Daisy

The entire last section recounts Daisy - The entire last...

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Unformatted text preview: The entire last section recounts Daisy's rapid decline through showing several more of her indiscretions. We hear immediately that Daisy is alone in the apartment with Mr. Giovanelli and that she sent her mother on ahead so that she could be alone with the man. We do not know Daisy's motivations for this indiscretion, but she is certainly open about it. When she arrives at the party, she innocently tells that she remained alone in order to practice some songs. If Daisy had any concept or thought of impropriety, she would not have been so free to discuss it at the party. Daisy apparently lives for the worth of the human being and for human relationships. In other words, she thought it would have been more improper for her to desert Mr. Giovanelli than to be seen walking with him. Simply because the ladies of Italy do not walk is no reason for Daisy to be denied walking with him....
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