When Mrs - When Mrs Walker lets Winterborne out he notices...

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Unformatted text preview: When Mrs. Walker lets Winterborne out, he notices Daisy and her companion seated some distance away in a very intimate manner. He observes her a few minutes and then walks toward his aunt's residence. This section opens with Winterborne hearing from Mrs. Costello that Daisy Miller is still compromising herself. Thus, we get from the aunt the distant view of Daisy before we meet her again. Winterborne still maintains that she is ignorant or innocent, but that she is not really bad. When Daisy meets Winterborne again, she acts as though they are very old and intimate friends. In other words, she does flirt with him. Of more importance is her desire and request to bring Mr. Giovanelli to Mrs. Walker's party. If Daisy thought she was doing anything improper, she would not have made the request. But the point is that Daisy is indeed innocent. She has met someone and have made the request....
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