Latour writes a letter to his brother in France

Latour writes a letter to his brother in France - Latour...

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Unformatted text preview: Latour writes a letter to his brother in France. He relates that he must be a businessman all day, how he will help the Mexicans become good American citizens (it is for their own good), and how Vaillant is cooking dinner. He tells his brother that salads are unheard of in New Mexico, and salad oil was an extravagance even in Ohio. The two men will be happy, though living far from the land of their birth. The two men sit down to a Christmas dinner of onion soup, bean salad with pork, roast chicken, and dried-plum compote. Latour tells Vaillant of the thousand years of tradition that is represented by his soup. Vaillant laments that there is no salad. He remembers the grape vineyards and gardens he tended in Ohio. Latour and Vaillant sit down to a Christmas dinner. Father Joseph Vaillant is introduced as a physically unattractive man. Cather states that "the Lord had made few uglier men." He is short and physically unattractive man....
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