Miss Lavinia and Miss Clarissa

Miss Lavinia and Miss Clarissa - Miss Lavinia and Miss...

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Unformatted text preview: Miss Lavinia and Miss Clarissa, Dora's aunts, have given their consent to the marriage and are now in a state of frenzy trying to make the bride's wardrobe. Aunt Betsey helps by hunting for furniture in the London stores while Peggotty cleans and re-cleans the cottage where David and his new wife will live. Tommy Traddles attends the wedding. Sophy, Traddles' fiance, and Agnes Wickfield are bridesmaids. After David reaches the church door, "The rest is all a more or less incoherent dream." However, after the wedding breakfast, David and Dora drive away together, and he awakens from the dream to realize, "It is my dear, dear, little wife beside me, whom I love so well!" The glamour of the wedding wears off almost at once. Their servant, Mary Anne Paragon, is a poor cook. David tells Dora to talk to her about the preparation of meals, but Dora's only recourse is to cook....
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