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Three days after the picnic

Three days after the picnic - Three days after the picnic...

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Unformatted text preview: Three days after the picnic, David goes to visit Dora; he plans to declare his great passion for her. After much timidness, he finally bursts forth with his feelings and they become engaged, but they decide to keep the betrothal a secret for the time being. David, however, goes to a jeweler and buys a ring to seal the engagement. Within a week, they have their first quarrel, but Miss Mills is able to bring the couple back together. David writes to Agnes informing her of his engagement to Dora and about the circumstances of Em'ly's flight. He is anxious to impress Agnes with his sincere love for Dora. Traddles comes up to David's room, and they exchange conversation about their fiancées before Traddles asks a favor of David. He explains that Mr. Micawber is still having financial problems and, consequently, has changed his name to Mr. Mortimer, has taken to wearing glasses, and only goes out at night in order changed his name to Mr....
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