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Tod Hackett In his early twenties

Tod Hackett In his early twenties - Abe Kusich A dwarf...

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Tod Hackett  In his early twenties, he is a Hollywood set designer, whose sensibilities record and  respond to the novel's main events. His fruitless pursuit of Faye Greener makes him the protagonist. Homer Simpson  Forty-year-old retired hotel bookkeeper from Wayneville, Iowa. Repressed and  numb. His sexual obsession with Faye, combined with his delusions about her, make him a parallel  with and a contrast to Tod Hackett. Faye Greener  Seventeen-year-old, platinum blonde would-be Hollywood actress and sex goddess.  Shallow, heartless, and manipulative, she provides the focus of attention for most of the male  characters. Harry Greener  Middle-aged father of Faye, he brought her up by himself. An out-of-work vaudeville  comic performer who lives in the past and in fantasies of new success.
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Unformatted text preview: Abe Kusich A dwarf about three feet high. Tough-talking and aggressive; racetrack hanger-on and occasional actor. Claude Estee Hollywood scriptwriter whose home provides the scene for a party. Earle Shoop Stupid, young out-of-work cowboy. Part-time boyfriend to Faye. Miguel Sexy and macho Mexican keeper of gamecocks, who successfully cuts in on Earle Shoop's interest in Faye. Audrey Jenning Owner-manager of a fashionable brothel; ex-silent screen actress. Very good businesswoman; unusually well read and cultured. Mary Dove Prostitute friend of Faye Greener. Mrs. Johnson Janitor at the Greeners' apartment house, she supervises the funeral for Harry Greener....
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