Vaillant - Vaillant's wagon takes a month to build Latour...

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Unformatted text preview: Vaillant's wagon takes a month to build. Latour recognizes that the two will probably never work together again. Vaillant considers the opportunity to serve in Colorado an act of divine providence. Latour assures him that it was a coincidence, because he called Vaillant back from Arizona because of his loneliness. The Vicar leaves for Colorado, and the Bishop's loneliness is mitigated by his recognition of the presence of the Virgin Mary. He considers the wooden carving of Mary in the Santa Fe church, and the Mexican devotions to her in the form of clothing. He places their work on equal footing with Raphael and Titian, who also wardrobed the Virgin Mary in their art. Latour's premonition that Vaillant would never return to work in New Mexico is proven correct. The Vicar returns to Santa Fe to recuperate from illnesses and to attend the formal proceedings marking...
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