Vaillant arrives at Lujon Ranch

Vaillant arrives at Lujon Ranch - Vaillant arrives at Lujon...

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Unformatted text preview: Vaillant arrives at Lujon Ranch. He commands Lujon to bring the men from the fields so that he can sanctify their marriages. The children can be baptized the following morning. Lujon sees no need of hurry but does as the priest asks. The old women servants gossip about how ugly Vaillant is and how bad times are. Vaillant insists on cooking his own leg of lamb. The Mexicans are horrified that he prefers to eat his meat rare. At the table, they discuss his useless horse. The priest tells Lujon that he could not trade the horse in Santo Domingo, because the people are suspicious of priests there. Vaillant tells Lujon of his encounter with Father Gallegos in Albuquerque. Vaillant had admonished Gallegos for his gambling. He believes that a priest should not make money off his parish. Lujon laughs at the priest's frankness. He had hoped that Vaillant would play cards, but he settles for laughs at the priest's frankness....
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