Vaillant returns to Santa Fe at Latour

Vaillant returns to Santa Fe at Latour - Vaillant returns...

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Unformatted text preview: Vaillant returns to Santa Fe at Latour's command but wonders why he has been there for three weeks with no reason being given. Latour takes his Vicar for a ride to show him the rock he has selected as the stone for the cathedral he plans to build. Vaillant is puzzled as to why Latour is so emphatic about the design of the cathedral and why he has been called back to Santa Fe. Latour receives correspondence from the Bishop of Leavenworth, Kansas, that the Gold Rush of Colorado has created a need for a priest to serve the makeshift towns of tents and shacks that have cropped up near Pikes Peak. Informing Latour that the Colorado territory is under his domain, it is incumbent upon him to assign the priest. Latour tells Vaillant that he will fill the position. Although Vaillant is prepared to leave immediately, Latour orders him to stay until a custom wagon can be built...
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