Adonis any very handsome young man

Adonis any very handsome young man - cut and dried an...

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Adonis  any very handsome young man. anemia  a condition in which there is a reduction of the number, or volume, of red blood corpuscles  or of the total amount of hemoglobin in the bloodstream, resulting in paleness, generalized  weakness. babble  to make incoherent sounds, as a baby does; to prattle or talk too much or foolishly. bastard  a slang term for a person regarded with contempt, hatred, pity, resentment, and so on. blow  [Informal] to brag; boast. buck up  [Informal]to cheer up. buckle down  to apply oneself energetically; set to work with effort. build  to form a sequence according to suit, number, etc. caliber  degree of worth or value of a person or thing; quality or ability. chippie  [Slang] a promiscuous young woman or a prostitute. contemptuous  full of contempt; scornful or disdainful. crack  to hit or strike with a sudden, sharp blow or impact.
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Unformatted text preview: cut and dried an expression meaning "strictly business" without time for or need of pleasantries. dime a dozen an expression used to imply that something is available in large quantities. The fact that the item is not rare suggests that it is not of great value. exhibitions public shows or displays, as of art, industrial products, athletic feats, and so on. Hercules in Greek and Roman myth, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, renowned for his strength and courage, especially, as shown in his performance of twelve labors imposed on him. Ignoramus an ignorant and stupid person. immerse to absorb deeply; engross. incipient in the first stage of existence; just beginning to exist or to come to notice. initiative the action of taking the first step or move; responsibility for beginning or originating....
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