Although there is no action in Chapter 5

Although there is no action in Chapter 5 - Although there...

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Unformatted text preview: Although there is no action in Chapter 5, the groundwork is prepared for a battle between the white men and the Mingos. Once more Deerslayer strongly opposes the cruelty and rapaciousness not only of Hurry Harry and Floating Tom but of the white men who, in general, have exploited the Indians. Against the opinions of the other two men, he stresses that scalping is no crime, no moral offense, among the Indians because it is part of their code, or "gifts." Christianity and humanitarianism, attributes of white civilization, forbid such conduct and therefore do not condone scalping. Hetty's pleas, simple and innocent, add to Deerslayer's arguments; and Judith's more biting remarks about the planned expedition result in an alliance of Natty and the two daughters. Although both girls argue against scalping, their speeches contrast sharply because of the intellectual levels...
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