Latour and Jacinto set out at four in the morning

Latour and Jacinto set out at four in the morning - Latour...

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Unformatted text preview: Latour and Jacinto set out at four in the morning. By afternoon, the travelers are in the midst of a blizzard. Jacinto leads Latour to a cave. Jacinto tells the bishop that the cave is a secret ceremonial place and that the bishop is to forget about it after they leave. Latour promises to do so. Beneath the cave is an underground river that makes a tremendous noise. The next morning, the mules are gone. The pair walk through the snow to a cabin, where they rent mules. They arrive that evening to find Vaillant in better health. Vaillant tells them that Kit Carson had stopped to help him. Latour takes Vaillant back to Santa Fe. Latour keeps his promise to never speak about the cave, but he remembers it with a sense of revulsion. Latour makes a point of meeting the white trader Zeb Orchard to ask about the customs of the Pecos Indians. Orchard tells Latour that the Indians keep a fire perpetually burning in a clay oven the Pecos Indians....
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