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Latour and Jacinto visit Padre Martinez in Taos

Latour and Jacinto visit Padre Martinez in Taos - Latour...

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Unformatted text preview: Latour and Jacinto visit Padre Martinez in Taos. Kit Carson has warned Latour that Martinez holds a dictatorial power over the native priests of New Mexico and is a powerful, hostile man who is more than likely implicated in the Bent massacre. Through deceit, Martinez convinces the seven Indians awaiting execution for the massacre to bequeath them all of their land. Martinez greets Latour with a large group of horsemen to accompany him to Rancho de Taos. When they arrive, the women kiss Martinez's ring and throw down shawls for him to walk on. Although Latour does not like the displays of exuberance, he knows that, for the Mexican, religion must be theatrical. When the party reaches Taos, a boy at Martinez's house fails to remove his cap and is punished by Martinez. Latour protests, but Martinez tells him that the boy is his son and that he will treat him as Martinez....
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