Latour outlives Vaillant

Latour outlives Vaillant - Latour outlives Vaillant(the...

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Unformatted text preview: Latour outlives Vaillant (the reader is told that this is a literary device, and that the opposite is actually accurate). He recalls the devotion Vaillant inspired in others. One priest, Father Revardy, was so devoted to Vaillant that he rushed back from Chicago for Vaillant's funeral even though he himself had been stricken with a fatal disease. Revardy arrives halfway through Vaillant's funeral and dies several days later. Eusabio visits the priest and realizes that Latour is dying. The Archbishop tells Bernard that he has seen two wrongs made right: the end of slavery and the return of the Navajos to their own country. During the Bishop's middle years in New Mexico, he had witnessed the persecution of the Navajos. Latour admired the tribe, and was troubled deeply by the ill treatment they received. Kit Carson had conquered the last of them by destroying their cornfields and peach orchards. Eusabio asks Latour conquered the last of them by destroying their cornfields and peach orchards....
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