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Latour returns to Santa Fe in February

Latour returns to Santa Fe in February - Latour returns to...

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Unformatted text preview: Latour returns to Santa Fe in February. He stops to admire the cathedral. He is pleased that the French architect with whom he worked was able to make the church fit into the landscape. Latour's family expected him to return to France for his final years, but he prefers to stay in New Mexico because it is there where "he always awoke a young man." He loves the air on the "bright edges of the world." Latour dictates to Bernard the history of the Catholic Church in New Mexico. He remembers how the first Spanish priests had entered a hostile country, but when he himself had come, the people were friendly. He tries to impress on the young priests that the early missionaries suffered a great deal. Latour remembers the story of Father Junipero, a monk lost in the desert, who finds a poor Mexican family and is sheltered by them. It becomes obvious to the reader that the family is a representation family and is sheltered by them....
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