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Martinez was born under Taos mountain

Martinez was born under Taos mountain - Martinez was born...

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Unformatted text preview: Martinez was born under Taos mountain, in Abiquiu, a somber, solitary settlement. He grew up without learning how to read or write. He married, but his wife and child died. After marrying, he learned to read and, when widowed, he entered the priesthood and studied in Mexico. He became well-educated in the Latin and Spanish classics and the Church Fathers. He returned to Abiquiu and later became a priest. He hates Americans, who threaten his power and his way of life. Latour leaves Taos and visits Kit Carson's home to thank Mrs. Carson for her kindness to Magdalena, and to report on her new happiness. Although Mrs. Carson is an uneducated Mexican housewife, she is genuine and the Bishop admires her. She explains that Trinidad is rumored to be the son of Martinez. A foolish young man, Trinidad tried to have himself crucified during Holy Week, the son of Martinez....
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