One canoe drifts to the shore

One canoe drifts to the shore - One canoe drifts to the...

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Unformatted text preview: One canoe drifts to the shore, and Deerslayer, trying to recover the boat, is met by a Mingo who also claims the canoe. Thinking that he has persuaded the Indian of the true ownership of the boat, Deerslayer turns away. In time, Deerslayer sees the Mingo preparing to shoot, and he fatally wounds the attacking Indian. Deerslayer, having experienced his "first warpath," treats his dying opponent honorably by not taking his scalp and by arranging him comfortably. The Mingos, recognizing in Natty Bumppo a great warrior, call him by a new nickname Hawkeye. At the ark, Deerslayer prepares to meet his friend Chingachgook, a chief of the Delaware nation. The rendezvous is perilous because the Mingos are pursuing Chingachgook. He jumps aboard the ark and barely escapes. While the friends rejoice in their reunion, Hetty surprises everyone by her decision to leave alone in a canoe, go to the Indians and try to convince the savages to release the...
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