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Jake Boyer Intro to Philosophy 9/13/07 Question Answers 1) Thales main thesis was that he thought that water was necessary for everything and earth was solid water, a hard flat cork which floated in a sea of liquid as he puts it. 2) Anaximander main thesis said that assertion of the source and elements of existing things is infinite. He introduced the first name for the source, which he named elements. 3) Anaximenes main thesis believed his other teachers but said air was the ultimate substance. He observed how humans and animals breathed/ 4) Heraclitus main thesis said that all things are in perpetual flux and permanence is an illusion. A single principal is at work here and the principal is fire. 5) Parmenides main thesis stated that nature is constantly changing. He says to have
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge there must be permanence, something which is unchanging. 6) Anaxagoras main thesis reintroduced pluralism, going against the Eleatic stream of monism. He rejected Empedocles ideas of the four elements. 7) Empedocles main thesis stated that the world was made up of four different elements: water, earth, air, and fire. At the center of the universe there are two forces: attraction and repulsion, also called love and hate. I did not understand what Anaximander meant by asserted that source and elements of existing things is the infinite. I understood that he introduced new things, but still puzzled of that line...
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